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Freestanding baths are perfect for modern renovators. They are the easiest type of tub to install, as they do not need a frame or any supplementary tiling work, they work in any size bathroom, and their stylish designs lend them to becoming a focal point of any room they are placed in. Bathrooms all over the world are currently favouring freestanding baths for these reasons, and Cass Brothers has the cream of the crop available for you.

Whether you just need some last-minute help in picking out a final model, or you’re brand new to the world of bathtubs, the Cass Brothers team of bathroom product specialists can walk you through all the way to picking up your dream freestanding bath. Over many years we’ve added freestanding baths to design plans, and in that time have answered every question imaginable about freestanding baths, especially with regard to space efficiency and matching bathtub design with room décor.

To being your journey to the perfect centerpiece for your bathroom with an amazing freestanding bath, drop into the Cass Brothers showrooms at Waverley or Petersham, or call us on 02 8076 3722 (Petersham) or 02 8076 3736 (Waverley)– we’ll pick you out a freestanding bath that’s also an outstanding bath.