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  • Decina Cascade Shower Screen Angled 940x940mm

    Decina Cascade Shower Screen Angled 940x940mm

    A sleek and economical option suitable for any bathroom space.


    Special Price $764.45

    RRP PRICE: $899.35

  • Decina Malanda Shower Screen

    Decina Malanda Shower Screen

    The perfect solution for creating a sleek, modern style bathroom

    Special Price $840.57

    RRP PRICE: $988.90

  • Decina Avalon Shower Screen

    Decina Avalon Shower Screen

    Both functional and stylish, perfect for upgrading your bathroom.

    Special Price $840.57

    RRP PRICE: $988.90

  • Decina Floriano Shower Screen

    Decina Floriano Shower Screen

    The perfect functional shower for smaller size bathrooms.

    Special Price $653.57

    RRP PRICE: $768.90

If your old curtains are starting to show some wear, or their design just isn’t as classy as it used to be, then bring yourself up to date with the latest bathroom trends and get a bath shower screen fitted instead. Cass Brothers has a great selection of bath shower screens to fit all sizes, shapes and styles of bath tubs. If you think that a fixed panel and a double bi-fold sound like they’re more suited to a diving competition than a bath shower screen, then our bathroom product specialists can help you. We’ll talk you through the whole process of adding bath shower screens into your bathroom building or renovation plans. We’ve worked with bath shower screens many times over in the production of some of the finest and most creative bathrooms around Sydney. To figure out which bath shower screen is the best one for your design, come and visit our showrooms at Waverley or Petersham. Failing that, you can reach us over the phone on 02 9389 5000 (Waverley) or 02 9569 5555 (Petersham) - we’ll get you set up with a screen that screams style!