• Back To Wall Toilets
    Back To Wall Toilets

    The most distinctive feature is the back of the pan flushes completely against the wall creating a very clean look and modern set-up for your bathroom design.

  • Close Coupled Toilets
    Close Coupled Toilets

    The traditional look of a suite which comprises of 2 elements - the pan and cistern which sit on top of each other making it a complete unit, thus avoiding the need for visible connection pipes.

  • Floor Mount Toilets
    Floor Mount Toilets

    Flushed against the wall and can either be matched with concealed cistern or a matching close coupled cistern. Suitable for smaller size bathroom settings

  • Wall Hung Toilets
    Wall Hung Toilets

    The latest in the bathroom toilet trends, Wall Hung Toilets hang perfectly on to your wall with an invisible frame, in-wall cistern and buttons or actuators to make it a complete and modern unit.

  • Link Toilets
    Link Toilets

    Allows the most flexibility for your suite set-up as they are consisted of a cistern and pan connected with a flush pipe, allowing the pan to sit further from the wall.

  • Cisterns & In-Wall Cisterns
    Cisterns & In-Wall Cisterns

    Normally sits on top of a toilet bowl. However It has evolved to suit the needs of modern bathroom settings and is becoming slimmer and smaller so that it can be installed under the window.

  • Push Plates & Buttons
    Push Plates & Buttons

    To be combined with an in-wall sistern. Push plates and buttons are installed in domestic applications for their modern, simplistic and clean look which complement a new bathroom renovation.

  • Urinals

    Not only suitable for commercial area, urinals are becoming increasingly popular for domestic usage as well.

  • Bidets

    Bidets are washing stations used to maintain constant state of cleanliness and personal hygiene.

At Cass Brothers, we stock a wide range of toilets and toilet suites. Our selection includes the very latest in: Back to Wall Toilets, Bidets, Close Coupled Toilets, In Wall Cisterns, Link Toilets, Push Plates or Actuator,  Urinals, Floor Mount Toilets, Wall Hung Toilets.

With these quality products, you can create a remarkable bathroom space that is functional, practical and beautiful. All of our toilets are manufactured by some of the top names in the industry, such as, Villeroy & Boch, Duravit, Caroma, Parisi and Studio Bagno. These products are made from the very best materials and superbly designed. From a traditional look to a clean, sleek contemporary feel, no matter what style you want for your bathroom, Cass Brothers can help you achieve it with ease.

Our team have many years of experience in helping homeowners throughout the Sydney area find the perfect bathroom components. If you are not sure of exactly what elements your new bathroom needs, simply speak to one of our friendly staff members. If you would like to make your bathroom truly stand out or want to incorporate the latest in European designs, Cass Brothers also stocks a massive selection of the latest bidets and urinals. A standard feature in many homes across the Europe continent, bidets are the last word in bathroom hygiene and a great addition to any bathroom. Ask about our amazing dual bidets and toilets!

Our bathroom products line also includes cisterns, toilet seats and toilet macerator pumps. Cass Brothers truly has everything you need if you want to build a beautiful bathroom.

Shop now through our online store!. Or feel free to come and be inspired by our exquisite showrooms located in Petersham or Waverley for a consultation with our Staff Member making sure that you have the understanding of the products before you made your purchase or you can always give us a call to discuss your need over the phone.