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  • Caroma H2Zero Cube Urinal

    Caroma H2Zero Cube Urinal

    Waterless Urinal

    Special Price $1,360.00

    RRP PRICE: $1,600.00

  • Caroma Leda Urinal

    Caroma Leda Urinal

    Wall Hung Urinal

    Special Price $943.50

    RRP PRICE: $1,110.00

While they may not be necessary for a home bathroom, urinals are the most efficient form of toilet and so are ideal for any public bathroom. Cass Brothers has a massive range of urinals from the biggest names in the bathroom business; from Parisi and Hansa to Duravit and Caroma, we have them all!

Our staff are a great resource if you have any queries about urinals, as we ensure our bathroom product specialists have a tremendous level of knowledge in all fields. Our specialists are more than prepared to answer questions, critique an idea you might have, or make a recommendation on what model will work best for you. Whether you need to know the right capacity urinal, how to install them properly, or anything else, feel free to ask our knowledgeable team of product specialists!

We invite you to come down and look at the urinals we have on display at our Petersham and Waverley showrooms, which have been referred to by industry professionals as places where ‘design ideas are brought to life’. If you can’t find the time to visit, you can contact Cass Brothers over the phone on 02  02 8076 3722 (Petersham) or 02 8076 3736 (Waverley). We can help you choose the right urinal.