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Semi recessed basins are similar to inset basins, except that the basin is slightly offset toward the front, making the tapware closer to the user than on an inset. This offset has several advantages, as the tapware is easier to reach, they’re a great idea for those with kids, you also get additional vanity space as the front section of the basin is exterior to the vanity.

The Cass Brothers bathroom product specialists are a great resource for navigating the many models of semi recessed basins that exist. Cass Brothers have an extensive catalogue of semi recessed basins from manufacturers like Parisi and Paco Jaanson, but our bathroom product specialists are excellent at narrowing down the selection to find the perfect one that fits your décor and spatial requirements.

Come down to our showrooms at Petersham or Waverley and see the full impact of a semi recessed basin in a complete bathroom setting. If you can’t make room for that in your schedule, give us a call on 02 8076 3722 (Petersham) or 02 8076 3736 (Waverley). We’ll give you all the help you need to get your perfect semi recessed basin!