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Built in baths are a great choice for the bathroom for many reasons. They’re extremely space-efficient, the plumbing is completely concealed so there’s no pipes awkwardly hanging out of the wall, and the bath will always be in the same place, which gives you the opportunity to accessorise it with shelves and other arm’s reach storage. Cass Brothers has many models of built in baths of all different sizes, extended baths for taller people, or even a luxurious two person bath with spa jets designed for the romantics out there.

Cass Brothers staff are always available to answer anything you want to know about built in baths, suggest a built in bath that fits your purpose, or even let you know how a built in bath can factor into your bathroom design plans.

There’s no need to take our word for it, pay a visit to our Petersham or Waverley showroom, where you can see with your own eyes how a built in bath compliments a larger bathroom setup. More than that, we’ll even let you climb in! If that doesn’t fit with the time you have available, call us on 02 8076 3722 (Petersham) or 02 8076 3736 (Waverley).