Shower Screens

The main purpose of installing a shower screens us to keep the water contained in the dedicated wet area, so the whole bathroom doesn’t get wet. However, little that we know a shower screen done correctly can add a sense of luxury on to your bathroom design.

Cass Brothers are at the forefront of the market of shower screens, we have numerous styles of screens such as: Bath Shower Screens, Framed Shower Screens, Frameless Shower Screens, Semi Frameless Shower Screens, Shower Trays and Architectural Glass. And we carry from the world best brand in shower screens such as: Wet Design, Decina and many more.

Shop now through our online store!. Or feel free to come and be inspired by our exquisite showrooms located in Petersham or Waverley for a consultation with our Sales Team making sure that you have the understanding of the products before you made your purchase or you can always give us a call to discuss your need over the phone.