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Methven is world renowned for beautifully designed, award-winning showers, taps, and valves combined with their passion for design and innovation that fuels their ongoing mission to create an amazing water experience. Backed with over 125 years of experience, whether you are washing your hands, rinsing your dishes, or showering, Methven truly knows how water should be experienced.

Their ground breaking technology such as Satinjet® differs Methven from other brands where standard showers use single jets of water that can produce a narrow spray, The Satinjet® uses 2 jets of water that collide releasing 300,000 droplets of water per second, invigorating the body, thus creating a maximum sensation of luxury and warmth.

Methven knows that water is a precious commodity, that’s why Methven is very serious on product development, right down to the packaging. Methven continually strives to comply and exceed water efficiency labelling scheme (WELS) as a commitment to safeguarding the earth’s precious commodity.

View our extensive Methven range online, and check out our daily specials. Or if you want to experience the luxury hands on you are always welcome to visit our showrooms.