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A mixer tap system is where hot and cold taps share a common spout, and the hot and cold water are mixed before exiting the spout. The advantage of this system is that it allows the water temperature to be adjusted across the entire spectrum of temperature, and it is for this reason that kitchen mixer taps and bathroom mixer taps are so popular.

At Cass Brothers, we pride ourselves on having the latest models of mixer taps in a range of styles and finishes from all of the leading brands. Whether you’re looking for Dorf, Caroma, Oliveri or anything else, we’re sure we’ll have it available. Don’t be afraid to ask our staff any questions you might have about kitchen mixer taps, as our specialists have years of experience in analysing design plans and recommending the right model for any given project.

Come and see our kitchen mixer taps at either of the Cass Brothers showrooms, located at Waverley and Petersham. You’re always welcome to give us a call on 02 9389 5000 (Waverley) or 02 9569 5555 (Petersham). We’ll give you all the help you could need with your bathroom mixer taps!