How to Bring Colour into Your Bathroom

White bathrooms can be clean and ethereal but if you want to brighten up a white bathroom then consider these ideas, In fact, there are plenty of ways to tastefully introduce colour themes to your bathroom.

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Being Smart- A Look at Smart Tap Technology

There are new smart technology taps on the market that are a worthwhile addition to any smart home’s bathroom or kitchen. Taps have been incorporated with smart technology such as automation systems. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at what these smart tap technologies are, how they conserve water usage and how they can improve your home! 

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Asking a Bathroom Expert about Space

Designing your dream bathroom can be a puzzling task utilising its space to keep it functional and attractive. Before you decide on a bathroom, though, you should ask the experts about certain topics. We have a list here to provide you a place to start.

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The New Generation Rimless Toilet

Who knew that toilets could get even more advanced than they already are? With the next generation in toilet standards making a splash, we introduce to you the innovative new rimless toilets. These toilet designs are quintessential for both hygiene and water-saving efficiency, two of the main faults with toilets of generations past.

At Cass Brothers in Sydney, we sell a range of rimless toilets to help make your life easier and more environmentally friendly every time you flush.

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Hot Water Installation

It is becoming increasingly important these days to install a reliable and reputable Hot Water System that will suit your household needs and save you money.

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