Latest Bathroom Vanity Trends

Bathroom vanity units provide storage space and add the finishing touch to your bathroom.  From elegant traditional styles to contemporary styles and modern styles that are built to last!  Our range includes bathroom cabinets, shaving cabinets, wall hung vanities and freestanding vanities from leading Australian and European brands. The right bathroom vanity unit, shaving cabinet or bathroom linen cabinet will allow you to keep your bathroom free of clutter. It will also make it easier to clean and will give you all the space you need to truly enjoy your bathroom.

We have listed 3 bathroom vanity brands to consider If you are looking to renovate your bathroom with a new bathroom vanity or storage unit.

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The Top 8 Kitchen Brands

Are you looking to install a new kitchen? Maybe you’re just renovating your existing space. Either way, you’ve got some decisions to make. There’s a wide range of brands out there, all competing for your business. But what are the best options for your kitchen? 

Here at Cass Brothers, we only stock quality and trusted names. Let’s check out some of the best kitchen brands.

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The New Generation Rimless Toilet

Who knew that toilets could get even more advanced than they already are? With the next generation in toilet standards making a splash, we introduce to you the innovative new rimless toilets. These toilet designs are quintessential for both hygiene and water-saving efficiency, two of the main faults with toilets of generations past.

At Cass Brothers in Sydney, we sell a range of rimless toilets to help make your life easier and more environmentally friendly every time you flush.

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Asking a Bathroom Expert about Space

Designing your dream bathroom can be a puzzling task utilising its space to keep it functional and attractive. Before you decide on a bathroom, though, you should ask the experts about certain topics. We have a list here to provide you a place to start.

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