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Habitas Kitchen and Bathroom #48 Issue July 2020 Featuring Parisi

Habitus, see the kitchen as a place of nourishment on both a physical and emotional level. They serve our most primal needs, but it has been in more recent times that, as a society, we’ve cottoned on to just how enjoyable these spaces can be. This issue, for the annual Kitchen & Bathroom edition, we look to architects and architecture to provide spaces that protect us from the elements, keep us safe, and promote our wellbeing.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Quarterly Featuring Methven

In the 190-plus-ideas July edition gives an overview of the styles, ideas, designers and builders available in a succinct format, providing consumers with an informed approach to the market. It is Australia’s best-selling kitchen and bathrooms publication that is a must for anyone considering renovating either of those rooms in the future. Includes more than 300 pages on how to make your bathroom look a million dollars with new products such as Methven!

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Bathroom Yearbook Issue 24 2020 Lifestyle Trends

This publication offers inspiration for complete renovations, designs from the country’s leading companies and the world’s most spectacular bathrooms, illustrates the season's newest looks and provides expert advice on saving money. Bathroom Yearbook is an annual addition that highlights the best bathrooms of the year, offering an array of features for people looking to create a functional space or for those who are looking to develop their existing bathrooms.

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Inside Out May Edition Featuring Studio Bagno

Dream it, design it, do it with Inside Out. Each edition of Inside Out presents homes that suit your lifestyle and showcase personal style. Whether you're at the start of your home renovation and need planning tips Inside Out is the complete package. Step inside and you’ll find simple design solutions such as how-to guides for DIY projects to suit your budget and help you discover your own personal style.

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Home Design Volume 22 Featuring Studio Bagno

Home Design brings the latest news and features giving their readers the information they need to keep up to date with the latest trends and design directions. Home Design is committed to bringing consumers great bathroom ideas and products from the best of Australian and international design, building and architecture. This volume if Home Design focuses exclusively on the new range availanble with Studio Bagno!

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