Inside Out May Edition Featuring Studio Bagno

Studio Bagno was funded in 2007 by Lee Melrose and Tony Rowlands with the goal to deliver an inspired range of custom-made products for the Australian bathroom.

Collection Lust is Studio Bagno’s most exclusive collection. The Lust freestanding bath is the first from a series in which the craftsman meticulously examines the natural and industrial textures that are extremely difficult to execute. Each creation is a risky and uncertain exercise whereby, subsequent to the firing process, leaves its hesitant and inevitable trace. The result is a solid surface piece that is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art. 

Twin Nur 60 Basins are a perfect choice atop the vanity, with it’s gorgeous curve complimented by the circular Silo Mirrors and their Milady wall hung toilet. The centrepiece of course is the Lust Freestanding bath; its sensuous matte white solid surface feels luxurious against the skin, creating a perfect space to sit back and escape daily.

Studio Bagno breathes creativity into the now bustling space; the smell of paint, the heat of the kiln, the incessant swishing of paintbrushes on the sinuous forms of the washbasins, and of course, the murmur of the artists, carefully creating each unique piece of art. 

Black, white, and grey soft touch options embodies supreme class and restraint, taking the toilet experience to the next level. Many of Studio Bagno’s ceramic ranges are also available in a matte finish, adding a greater tactility than a standard gloss finish. Play around with the options by visiting one of our showrooms in Petersham or Waverley.


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