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  1. Argent Kubic Bidet Mixer
  2. Argent Loft Bidet Mixer
    Argent Loft Bidet Mixer - Chrome
    SKU: BD526801 - WELS rating 5 Star
    from $339.00 was $399.00
  3. Argent Grace Bidet Mixer
    Argent Grace Bidet Mixer - Chrome

    15 year replacement warranty

  4. Quadro Bidet Mixer
    Parisi Quadro Bidet Mixer

    Chrome plated brass finish

  5. Auscan Douche/Trigger Set - Chrome
    Auscan Douche/Trigger Set - Chrome

    Classic chrome douche spray includes hanger

  6. Newform Ergo Bidet Mixer Colour
    Newform Ergo Bidet Mixer Colour

    WELS Rating: 5 Star, 6L/min

    From $505.00
  7. Parisi Todo Bidet Mixer
    Parisi Todo Bidet Mixer

    Chrome finish with straight spout

  8. Parisi Tondo Bidet Mixer
    Parisi Tondo Bidet Mixer

    WELS Rating: 6 Star, 4.5L/min.


29 items

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Now you can clean the most sensitive parts of your body with the gentle spray of a bidet mixer. Not only are they hygienic, but they provide an alternative cleaning method in the bathroom. Originally thought to be a French invention, the bidet has now become a statement of luxury in many Australian homes.

Cass Brothers offers a range of bidet mixers with a variety of handle designs, finishes and functions, including hand held mixers – all of which can easily complement your bathroom look. Visit our showrooms today to find out more about adding a bidet mixer to your home or shop online now.

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