Toilet cisterns

Normally sits on top of a toilet bowl. However It has evolved to suit the needs of modern bathroom settings and is becoming slimmer and smaller so that it can be installed under the window.

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  1. Geberit Sigma 8 Doufix Concealed Cistern with Frame
    Geberit Sigma 8 Duofix Concealed Cistern with Frame

    WELS 3 Star. Mechanical Front Press Button

  2. Geberit Sigma 8 Concealed Cistern
    Geberit Sigma 8 Concealed Cistern

    WELS 3 Star. Mechanical Front Press Button.


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Cistern & In wall cistern toilets are a great solution for those that are limited on space, or are looking for a minimalist, practical bathroom design. In wall cistern or concealed cistern toilets are also much easier to clean because there are fewer surfaces and nooks exposed for bacteria to grow on.

Cass Brothers stocks the leading brands of Cistern and in wall cistern toilets, like Parisi, Geberit, Caroma and more! Your best resource for anything you want to know about in wall cisterns is the experienced showroom consultants at Cass Brothers. For any level of advice - whether you need an explanation of how they work, or just want some help in picking out the right model of in wall cistern - our showroom staff have done it all before and are ready and willing to assist you with your choice of in wall cisterns and toilets.

To see some in wall cistern toilets in a physical bathroom setting, visit our showrooms at Petersham or Waverley. Our bathroom displays might inspire some new ideas for your renovations, or introduce you to some options you didn’t know existed. Visit us or give us a call on 02 9119 1792 (Petersham) or 02 9199 0724 (Waverley) and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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