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  1. Panelscape Bathroom Panels Profiles | Edging
    Panelscape Profiles

    Available in 4 different Profiles: Edging, Corner, Cornice, and H end Joiner

    From $4.60
  2. Panelscape Bathroom Panels for Shower Walls
    Panelscape Bathroom Panels
    Available in 2 Length: 1800mm & 2400mm
    From $48.00

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Suitable for the amateur DIYer and professionals alike, Panelscape has been a popular choice for Australians, Europeans and Scandinavians for many years.

Panelscape is an inexpensive and easy alternative to re-tiling or repainting bathroom walls and ceilings. Simply glue over the existing surface, and, in no time, you’ll have a brand new looking and clean bathroom wall or ceiling. The smooth surface and joins make it easy to clean and maintain, with no dust or mould collecting in the flush joints. Panelscape doesn’t require any expensive or high maintenance tools, either. By using a saw, cutting to the right measurements is easy.

Made from PVC, Panelscape is mould resistant, making it the perfect choice for bathrooms and other areas prone to large amounts of moisture. Browse and shop our Panelscape products now.

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