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  1. Valsir T3 Outlet Valve
    Valsir T3 Outlet Valve

    Resists limescale formation

  2. Valsir Compact Float Valve
    Valsir Compact Float Valve

    Limescale resistant

  3. Valsir Pneumatic Outlet Mechanism for Evolute and Tropea

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Founded in 1987, Valsir is part of a group of international firms leading the world in the plumbing and heating market. Today, Valsir offers innovative flush cisterns and advanced systems for waste, drainage, and water supply – all made in Italy. As a result of their strong focus on quality products and technological innovation, Valsir is proudly committed to the environment, with all Valsir products now being recyclable and environmentally sustainable. See more of the Valsir range at our Petersham Plumbing Counter.

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