Glossary of Terms

Do you need help figuring out what many plumbing terms mean? See below for a glossary of commonly used terms:



Above Counter Basin
An above counter basin sits on top of a vanity unit and work well with an extended height of tapware. They add a stylish and practical feature to your bathroom as they don’t take up any cupboard space below.



Back Inlet Toilet
The inlet for this kind of toilet is located at the top of the cistern for water to enter.

Back to Wall Toilet
A back to wall toilet is installed flush to the wall so that the cistern and all the plumbing is concealed within the wall. Also known as a ‘wall-faced toilet’.

Bath/Basin Waste
A waste acts as an exit for waste water. It traditionally features a plug and chain but more recently, the pop up waste has become a staple in many modern bathrooms.

A bidet is traditionally a low basin used for washing the lower part of a person’s body after using the toilet. It is now common to find bidets electronically incorporated with the toilet seat.

Bidet Mixer
Bidet mixers are specifically made for a bidet. They are generally attached to the bidet and allow the user to control the amount of hot and cold water used to wash their body.

Bottle Trap
Bottle traps are exposed wastes that seal water within a closed chamber under the basin. It prevents odours from escaping.



Close Coupled Toilet
With a close coupled toilet, the cistern and toilet pan are attached together to form one complete unit. The pipes are hidden within the toilet itself.

Continuous Flow Hot Water System
This is a wall mounted unit that provides continuous water flow on demand by heating water as it is being used. 



Floor Standing Bath Mixer
These standalone mixers are suitable for baths with a wide rim and may also include a hand shower alongside the mixer. A striking addition to any bathroom.

Freestanding Bath
A freestanding bath is a standalone tub that is finished on all sides. It often resembles a piece of furniture due to the amount of room it takes up – adding glamour and luxury to bathrooms.

Freestanding Vanity
This type of vanity stands directly on the floor and usually includes a kickboard to cover the space between the floor and the doors. Freestanding vanities provide ample storage and are suitable for larger bathrooms.



Gaskets create a seal preventing leaks from occurring between the toilet tank and bowl.

Grey Water
Grey water is used water from your shower/bath, laundry, kitchen and bathroom sinks that can be filtered and reused in gardens.



In-wall Cistern
An in-wall cistern is a type of concealed cistern that is hidden inside the wall.

Inset Basin
These basins are installed into the opening of a counter top and usually have a 5mm lip sitting on top of the surface.


Linear Drain
A linear drain is a channel-shaped floor drain that can be used for your shower and other large areas requiring a rapid evacuation of surface water. They are commonly installed against the wall with one-sided sloping for maximum drainage capacity. Alternatively, they can be installed free-in-the-floor.



Ozone Kitchen Mixer
A mixer that combines ozone and water to produce ozone water straight from the tap. Ozone is known to be a broad spectrum microbiological control agent – it disinfects, sterilises and bacteria on contact.



Pizza Base
A pizza base refers to a slimline hot water system support base.

Pneumatic Actuation
An in-wall cistern consisting of a flush plate that uses small air pumps to flush the cistern. This form of actuation allows the cistern to be placed up to three metres away from the flush plate.

The trap is the bend in the waste pipe that prevents odours from re-entering a bathroom. The p-trap refers to a waste pipe that is connected directly to the wall behind the toilet suite.



Rough In
Rough in refers to the process where all the plumbing pipes are installed in the wall before the walls are covered with plasterboard.



Semi Recessed Basin
Semi recessed basins feature half the basin overhanging the vanity space, while the other half sits on top of the vanity surface. These basins are perfect for small bathrooms requiring more usable vanity space.

Shaving Cabinet
A shaving cabinet is a wall-mounted cupboard that doubles as a bathroom mirror.

Storage Hot Water System
A hot water system that heats and stores water in a tank. This form of water heating is commonly available with either gas or electric heating elements.

The trap is the bend in the waste pipe that prevents odours from re-entering a bathroom. The s-trap refers to a waste pipe that is connected to the floor.



Three Piece Tap
A three piece tap is a set that includes two independent taps and a mixer.



Under Counter Basin
An under counter basin sits flush with the vanity top surface. A custom shaped cavity is cut into the counter to accommodate the sink.



Wall Faced Toilet
Also known as a ‘back to wall toilet suite’. See Back to Wall Toilet for a description.

Wall Hung Vanity
This type of vanity is attached directly to the wall using brackets or other forms of internal support. The space underneath a wall hung vanity creates the illusion of space and light – perfect for small bathrooms.

Wall Mixer
A wall mixer is a single unit fitted on the wall that blends hot and cold water through a single spout.

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