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We have a wide range of gas storage hot water solutions for every home. Great energy efficient solution to your needs

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  1. Rheem 160L Stellar 360 Gas Storage Water Heater
    Rheem 160L Stellar 360 Gas Storage Water Heater

    5 Star Enery Rating. Large 160L Capacity with 200L Recovery. Mains Pressure.

    "The Only 5 Star Gas Water Heater in the Market"

  2. Rheem 170L Gas Storage Water Heater
    Rheem 170L Gas Storage Water Heater

    4 Star Energy Rating. Large 170L Storage Capacity Gas Hot Water System.


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Reduce your gas bills and your carbon footprint with Rheem gas storage hot water systems. They are an economical and energy efficient option for families. The first Rheem gas water heater was manufactured back in 1939 in the heart of Sydney at Waterloo and to this day all Rheem manufacturing are made with Australian steel. Generations of Australian families have relied on Rheem for water that comes on steady, hot and strong. But many households change over time, so how do you choose the right capacity Rheem for your home?

Choosing the right capacity now will ensure your Rheem will meet your needs both now and as your family grows. Some important factors to consider when determining your hot water needs include the number of bathrooms and people in the house, the ratio of adults to children, whiteware such as dishwashers and washing machines that are connected to hot water outlets, space available to install a water storage tank, and finally, the available energy supply – gas or electricity.

These factors, along with the water conditions, climate and water pressure in your suburb, all influence your hot water system needs. We have a number of Rheem hot water solutions for every type of household. With any hot water system purchase, we strongly recommend a consultation with one of our plumbing specialists first. This way, we can take all the above factors into consideration and help you to determine the best model for your home. Call us now for a quote on the installation options available or drop by our Petersham or Waverley showrooms today.

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