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Why InSinkErator?

Insinkerator® offers a convenient way to dispose of food waste in your home. It is installed under your kitchen sink and takes finely grounded food waste through the plumbing system to the same place toilet waste is treated. It works by grounding food waste into tiny particles by an internal grind ring with no blades involved. It then liquefied and flushed out of the disposer safely into your sewage system. 

InSinkErator Benefits

1. Minimises handling of food scraps.

2. Eliminates the problem of smelly kitchen bins.

3. Helping environmentally to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill.

4. Improves general hygiene of the kitchen and food preparation area.

5. A quicker and more efficient way of dealing with food waste.

Insinkerator Evolution 200 Disposer

Evolution 200 disposer

Top of the range, the Evolution 200 features three stage grind technology and our quietest technology. It’s our most powerful and quietest model. Don’t worry about what you can and cannot grind... the Evolution 200 grinds all food waste.

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InSinkErator Evolution 100 Food Waste Disposer

Evolution 100 disposer

More powerful and quiter than our standard range, featuring two-stage grind technology. It can grind virtually any food waste, including difficult items such as bones and potato peel. 

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InSinkErator Model 66 Food Waste Disposer

Model 66

The Model 66 is the top model in our standard range and is ideal for larger households with greater usage demands. It instantly grinds and washes food waste clean away, without blades. The Model 66 is the quietest of the M Series models and uses less than 1% of total household water consumption. 

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InSinkErator Model 56 Food Waste Disposer

Model 56

The Model 56 is a good-value mid range option. It offers reliable performance and is ideal for regular use in smaller households. It grinds without blades and disposes of food scraps instantly. Economy-wise, it uses under 1% of total household water consumption and less than $.50 per year in electricity.

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InSinkErator Model 46 Food Waste Disposer

Model 46 

As an entry level option, the Model 46 food waste disposer offers good performance and will suit small households with moderate usage demands. It is easy to install, eliminates food scraps instantly and grinds without blades. It uses less than 1% of total household water consumption and offers an environmentally responsible option to sending organic food waste to landfill. 

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