Water Filtered Systems

Water filters provide superior quality water for drinking, cooking and general household use. We have a wide range to solve all residential and commercial water quality issues such as taste/odour and dirt/rust.

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  1. Billi Eco XL Chrome Tap
    Billi Eco XL Instant Boiling & Chilled Filtered Water System Chrome

    Instant Boiling, Chilled & Filtered Water from The Convenience of a Single Tap.

    from $2,449.00 was $4,034.80
  2. Zip HydroTap Miniboil Classic Boiling & Ambient Filtered Water System
    Zip Miniboil Boiling & Ambient Filtered Water System HT1016

    A stylish touch activated tap and compact under bench command centre.

    from $1,830.00 was $2,395.00
  3. Billi Quadra Compact XL Chrome Tap
    Billi Quadra Compact XL Chrome

    Smarter, safer and more convenient drinking water.

    from $3,964.00 was $4,895.00

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A water filtered system is a great alternative to tap water. Choosing a water filter for your home ensures your drinking water is free from any lingering natural or artificial impurities sometimes found in tap water.

A water filter system can discreetly be installed under the counter so that it is within easy reach of your sink. The filter cartridges are also very easy to replace and usually have a longer filter life than other forms of water filters such as water filtered jugs, tap-mounted or counter top filters. With less ongoing costs, and the least likely to clog compared to jug or tap-mounted filters, a water filter system is the best choice for most kitchens and entertaining areas.

Cass Brothers offers a selection of water filtered systems at different price points. Drop by our showrooms today for more information about which water filter best suits your home, or shop online for great weekly deals.

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