Grey Water Pumps

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  1. Davey Submersible Pump DT22S
    from $1,799.00 was $2,936.00
  2. Davey General Purpose Vortex Sump Pump Submersible D40VA
    Davey Submersible Pump D40VA

    Suitable for Pumping Light Slurries, Grey Water, and Sump Emptying

    from $425.00 was $717.20
  3. Davey Submersible Pump D15VAGMA
    Davey Submersible Pump D15VAGMA

    Suitable for pumping Grey Water, Storm and Rainwater Harvesting and Transfer

    from $274.00 was $441.10
  4. Davey Submersible Pump D15VA
    Davey Submersible Pump D15VA

    150W motor. Up to 8400 L/hr. Solids handling vortex design to pump light slurries and water containing soft solids in suspension.

    from $230.00 was $424.00

4 Items

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Grey water pumps are designed to remove waste from appliances and fixtures such as toilets, shower, baths, washing machines, dishwashers and more. Now you can create that perfect space in your home without the hassle of completely configuring your plumbing. From an alfresco kitchen island to a laundry room in the garage or an extra powder room in the basement – a grey water pump will help you achieve all this without the need for major remodelling.

Call us today to hear more about how you can add a grey water pump to your home. Our plumbing and showroom consultants would love to help you make your home remodelling dreams a reality.

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