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  1. Rheem 25L Electric Storage Water Heater Plug-in Spec
    Rheem 25L Electric Storage Water Heater Plug-in

    Single Element. Dual Handed. Perfect for Tight Spots. Flexible Plug-in

  2. Rheem 45L Compact Electric Storage Water Heater
    Rheem 47L Compact Electric Storage Water Heater

    Single Element. Compact size. Dual Handed Connection. Hardwired

  3. Rheem 25L
    Rheem 25L Electric Storage Water Heater Hardwired

    Single Element. Suitable for Restricted Space Installation. Dual Handed. Hardwired


3 Items

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Storage hot water systems can bring hot water right to your fingertips. This type of hot water system store water in the tank ready for immediate use. An electric element or gas burner, controlled by a thermostat, is usually located underneath the tank to heat the water. As the hot water gets used up, cold water enters the tank to fill it up again. Here are some ways a storage hot water system may be the right choice for your family.

This type of hot water system uses the strength of mains pressure so that you can be sure of a strong flow of hot water to service multiple hot water needs at once. It is a great option for households with several bathrooms or large whiteware appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers that may require hot water at the same time.

Storage hot water systems are suitable for withstanding Australia’s harsh climate. Many storage tank models can be installed indoors or outdoors as they are manufactured using heavy-duty steel. The tanks are usually insulated, however there may be a little heat loss over time, so we recommend installing the system in a sunny spot or in an insulated space for longer wear. The tanks are also available in a variety of capacities to suit different family sizes.  

As you can see, storage hot water systems are incredibly reliable and can service your family’s hot water needs without compromising on the pressure or temperature of the water. Cass Brothers stocks a large range of storage hot water systems from iconic brands such as Rheem and Rinnai, with many in stock products available for a quick delivery. As we strongly recommend a consultation with one of our plumbing consultants first, please come visit our showrooms in Petersham or Waverley. Or call us now to hear about the installation options available today!

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