Console Basins

Console basins are very space efficient and fit well into small bathrooms.

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  1. Devon & Devon Lady Console
    Devon & Devon Lady Console

    Projecting an elegant pizzazz that dazzles in a sophisticated bathroom.

  2. Devon & Devon Colette White Console with White Ceramic Legs
    Devon & Devon Colette Console

    Modern classic console basin with a stylish & beautiful ceramic top.

  3. Devon & Devon Blues Console
    Devon & Devon Blues Console

    Characterised by a decisive aesthetic impact, and elegantly harmonious.

  4. Studio Bagno Nova Console
    Studio Bagno Nova Console
    Basin with chrome frame including towel rack.
  5. DURAVIT Durasquare Glass Insert 570 x 380
    From $209.00
  6. DURAVIT Durasquare Glass Insert 970mm x 380mm
    From $359.00

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Bathroom Consoles, Sink Consoles or Pedestal Basins are a style of sink that has front legs. There is often no counter top at all, although a small one is featured in some models. Console sinks are traditionally open at the base.

Bathroom consoles are the number one sink choice for those who know exactly what they want in terms of style, as they are very customisable. Because of the lack of vanity unit, they are very space efficient and fit well into small bathrooms.

Cass Brothers has a proud history of staying at the forefront of every category in bathroom products, so we have a number of bathroom consoles for you to choose from. Basin consoles are not exactly a common fixture to see, but our veteran team of bathroom product specialists are always ready to talk you through what you need to know to choose the right one for your bathroom.

The best way to ensure you make the right choice for your bathroom console is to come and visit Cass Brothers in person at our Waverley or Petersham showroom. There you can see how the actual console sink models, and that will help you make the decision yourself. Calling us on 02 8076 3722 (Petersham) or 02 8076 3736 (Waverley) is always an option as well.

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