Introducing the Argent Evo Smart Toilet

In the ever-expanding realm of smart home devices, smart toilets are gaining traction in Australian households. Today, we delve into the Argent Evo Smart Toilet, examining its array of innovative features and functionalities.

Design Excellence

The Argent Evo Smart Toilet emerges as the epitome of next-generation lavatory technology, seamlessly blending elegant aesthetics with unparalleled functionality to offer a bespoke experience with every use.

Crafted in two distinct designs, the Evo can be wall-hung, creating a sleek profile with a concealed cistern, or floor-mounted for a classic appeal. Both configurations come complete with an integrated flush plate and concealed cistern, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing bathroom setup.

The Evo Smart Toilet boasts a seamlessly integrated design, concealing water and power supplies from view. With a single water supply mechanism, shutting off water flow is a breeze, eliminating the need for intricate dismantling. Despite its advanced features, the Evo maintains the familiar appearance of a traditional toilet, seamlessly blending into any bathroom décor.

Unlike its counterparts, the Evo forgoes the bulky high-rise seat, opting for a streamlined design reminiscent of a standard toilet seat. Enhanced with a soft-close function, noise disturbances are minimized, ensuring a tranquil restroom experience for all occupants.

Ergonomic Comfort and Flushing Efficiency

The Evo Smart Toilet's ergonomic seat design prioritizes comfort, offering a heated seat with fully adjustable temperature settings ranging from 34.5 to 38.5˚ Celsius. Upon activation, the seat promptly warms to a comfortable 36.5˚ Celsius, with users having the flexibility to adjust temperatures to their preference via the accompanying remote control.

Equipped with a built-in nightlight, the Evo ensures convenience during nocturnal bathroom visits. The hygienic flush rimless technology guarantees thorough cleaning with each flush, effectively reaching every corner of the pan. Furthermore, the anti-splash rim design prevents water spillage, maintaining a clean and dry environment.

Advanced Cleansing Capabilities

A standout feature of the Evo Smart Toilet is its two-way water nozzle, catering to both posterior and feminine cleansing needs. Users can customize water temperature and choose between pulsating or massage functions, with five adjustable spray stages ensuring a personalized cleansing experience.

The water nozzle incorporates a 360˚ self-cleaning function, ensuring optimal hygiene before and after each use. For added convenience, the nozzle can be manually removed for thorough cleaning.

Efficient Warm Air Drying

In addition to its cleansing functions, the Evo Smart Toilet offers warm air drying, eliminating the need for traditional toilet paper and promoting eco-friendly practices. Users can adjust air temperature and volume to their preference, with five-speed fan settings catering to individual comfort levels.

Convenient Controls and Hygienic Features

The Evo Smart Toilet features an integrated control panel and a separate remote control for effortless operation. The control panel allows users to manage various functions, including posterior and feminine wash, drying, and nightlight settings. The minimalist design of the remote control ensures intuitive navigation, with illuminated buttons facilitating nighttime use.

Hygiene is prioritized with the Evo's antibacterial ABS gloss surface, preventing bacterial buildup and simplifying cleaning routines. An auto-deodorizing feature eliminates unwanted odors, activated by a hidden sensor when the toilet is in use. Additionally, a user detection sensor ensures safety by halting all functions when the user moves away from the seat.

The Argent Evo Smart Toilet embodies the perfect blend of sophistication, comfort, and hygiene, making it an ideal addition to any modern household.