Timberline Benchtop and Cabinet Finishes

Paint Colours

Select from a spectrum of colors to customize your vanity, tallboy, shaving cabinet, or mirror. Each item is coated with our robust 2-pack polyurethane hardening process, ensuring resilience and effortless maintenance.

Important Color Information: Glossy finishes have a distinct appearance compared to sample matte finishes. Painted colors may exhibit minor variations among batches.

White Satin

White Gloss

Light Grey Satin

Steel Grey Satin

Pastel Pink Satin

Grey Beige Satin

Light Pistachio Satin

Olive Satin

Duck Egg Blue Satin

Navy Blue Satin

Emerald Green Satin

Black Satin

Woodgrain Textures

Add warmth to your space with our ultra-durable Melamine woodgrain finishes. Please be aware that vanities feature a standard horizontal grain, while the direction may differ for tallboys and shavers.

Notaio Walnut

Prime Oak

Rural Oak

Perugian Walnut

Oxidised Beamwood

Milano Walnut

Artisan Beamwood

Elegant Oak

Classic Oak

Concrete Formwood

Estella Oak

Angora Oak

Boston Oak

Havana Oak

Coastal Oak

Tasmanian Oak

Bottega Oak

Aged Walnut


SilkSurface, renowned for its stunning fusion of colors and natural granite-like appearance, is a top-performing material. Utilizing a unique multi-process technique, it enhances both beauty and durability in every application.

Arctic White

Bianco Pearl


Calcutta Snow

Star Dust

White Canvas Mist

Grigio Stone

Winter Boulder

Lapis Salt



Crafted using 93% natural quartz, this engineered stone captures enduring natural beauty, providing your bathroom with both a functional and durable surface.

White Attica

Alpine Mist

Noble Grey

Raw Concrete



Timberline Handles

Arch Handles

Arch Chrome

Arch Brushed Nickel

Arch Black

Arch Satin Gold

Curve Handles

Curve Chrome

Curve Brushed Nickel

Curve Black

Curve Satin Gold

D Handles

D Chrome

D Brushed Nickel

D Black

D Satin Gold

Fingerpull Handles

Woodgrain Fingerpull

Painted Fingerpull

Flat Knob Handles

Flat Knob Chrome

Flat Knob Brushed Nickel

Flat Knob Black

Flat Knob Satin Gold

Leather Pull Handles

Leather Pull Chrome

Leather Pull Black

Leather Pull Pewter

Leather Pull Satin Gold

Ova Handles

Ova Chrome

Ova Brushed Nickel

Ova Black

Ova Satin Gold

Retro Handles

Retro Chrome

Retro Brushed Nickel

Retro Black

Retro Pewter

Retro Satin Gold

Round Knob Handles

Round Knob Chrome

Round Knob Brushed Nickel

Round Knob Black

Round Knob Satin Gold

Solid Lip Handles

Solid Lip Chrome 50

Solid Lip Brushed Nickel 50

Solid Lip Black 50

Solid Lip Gold 50

Solid Lip Chrome 178

Solid Lip Brushed Nickel 178

Solid Lip Black 178

Solid Lip Gold 178

Square Handles

Square Chrome

Square Brushed Nickel

Square Black

Square Satin Gold