Linsol EzyFlow 800 Linear Heelguard Channel Grate - Gun Metal

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Linsol EzyFlow 800 Linear Heelguard Channel Grate - Gun Metal

Quality drainage is an integral unit in your bathroom and water related systems, so it's only right to fill your spot with a Linsol Ezy Flow Linear HeelGuard Channel Grate. Linsol's Ezy Flow design eases the process of removing waste and washing.

Easy Install

With a shallow structural design, our floor wastes are even easier to install. By limiting the distance between the sleek Heeguard or Tile Insert top, to the connection point to your waste pipe; the tiling process is made simpler with heightened product flexibility.
Available in a range of sizes, you can choose a central point of drainage; or feature a long channel grate running the length of your shower, bathroom or pool surrounding.


Available in a range of PVD Finishes both Heelguard and Tile Insert Designs offer a resistance superior to that of any other treatment.

Our PVD is a special finish that gives a selected steel a desired colour finish; in particular, PVD confers to stainless steel enhanced properties of:

  • Exceptional Superficial Hardness
  • Resistance to Abrasion and Wear
  • Resistance to Corrosion, Solvent and Food with high acidity
  • Insensitivity to UV Rays